Voy a hacer un “study tour” en Cuba
La Habana, de 2 enero hasta 6 febreiro

Va participer à une conférence sur “L’OTAN après le sommet de Varsovie: quelle place pour le Canada au sein de l’Alliance atlantique?
L’Université de Montréal, 18 novembre 2016

Participated in an eSeminar organized by the Centre for Security Governance on
“The Future of Peacekeeping”, virtually, 3 November 2016

Delivered a keynote address on the factors contributing to the risk of a fourth world war and the likelihood that it could actually come to pass
Kingston, Royal Military College/CDA-Institute, 13-14 October 2016

Met with UN experts on the situation in Mali
UNDPKO and UNDPA, New York, September 2016

Took part in a discussion on Brexit and its repercussions for the future of the EU
EU Centre of Excellence, McGill University, 8 September 2016

Participated in a round-table on the repercussions of the Brexit decision
Concordia University, 21 July 2016

Contributed to a planning session on establishing a Maritime Security Centre for West Africa
WISS, Ottawa, 31.8-1.9

Began working as a consultant for a Canadian consortium established to develop a project designed to enhance maritime security in West Africa
Ottawa/Montreal/West Africa, as of June 2016

Took part, in a team supported by the Canadian Parliamentary Centre, in a programme designed to strengthen the capacity of the Ukrainian parliament to oversee the Ukrainian security sector.
Verkhovna Rada, Kiev, 9-12 February 2016

Made, virtually, a presentation at a conference of the Royal Military College of Canada on “The Militarisation of Russian Foreign Policy”; the presentation examined Ukraine’s possible trajectories in the light of Russia’s deepening crisis and the different ways it might interface with China.
Royal Military College, Kingston, 11 February 2016

Delivered the SSR component in the German officers national training programme; the module featured a case-study on Mali developed in cooperation with the Security Governance Group.
Bundeswehrakademie der Bundeswehr, Hamburg, 2-3 February 2016

Was on a study tour in Morocco
December 2015 – January 2016

Worked with Serbian parliamentarians on security governance issues in a OSCE-supported programme
Serbian National Defense School, Belgrade, 24 November 2015

Joined a crowd-sourced analytic platform and community focusing on strategic affairs
Wikistrat, 1 September 2015

Attended an event in the NATO Lecture Series on Horizon Scanning and Strategic Futures Analysis
National Archives Canada, Ottawa, 11-12 June 2015

Gave a talk on the international strategic situation entitled Knocking on the Door of World War IV
Conference of Defence Associations Institute (CDA Institute), Ottawa, 10 June 2015

Completed a research project on corruption in the security and defence sector
Transparency International UK, virtually, 4 May 2015

A participé à une conférence sur la thème du Canada face à l’État islamique et Boko Haram
Centre interuniversitaire de recherche sur les relations internationales du Canada et du Québec (CIRRICQ), Ecole nationale de l’administration publique (ENAP), Montréal, le 30 avril 2015

Participated in a policy workshop entitled
Lost in Translation? The impact of military culture on alliance and coalition politics
Centre for International and Defence Policy, Kingston, 17-18 April 2015

Participated in an e-conference on
Untapped Resources: The Extractive Industry in Conflict-Affected Countries
The Centre for Security Governance (CSG), Balsillie School of International Affairs (BSIA), and Wilfrid Laurier University Global Studies department (WLU), virtually, 25 March 2015

Was an instructor for a course on security sector reform delivered on behalf of the Security Governance Group with SGG President Mark Sedra at the National University of Defence of Ukraine
Canadian Department of National Defence’s Directorate of Military Training and Cooperation (DMTC), Kiev, 6-14 March 2015

Delivered the SSR component in the annual training programme organised for German military officers and guests from abroad; the course featured an interactive discussion on what security and SSR are all about, an exercise in which participants mapped the key actors and relationships of relevance to the German security sector and a case-study focusing on the experience with SSR programmes in CAR and South Sudan
Fuehrungsakademie der Bundeswehr, Hamburg, 17-18 February 2015

Participated in an e-conference on Is Peacebuilding Dying?
The Centre for Security Governance (CSG), Balsillie School of International Affairs (BSIA), and Wilfrid Laurier University Global Studies department (WLU), virtually, 28 January 2015

Spoke on ways of optimising cooperation among different actors involved in security sector governance at a conference organised by
RACVIAC, Rakitje, Croatia, 24-25 September 2014

Met with Pal Dunay, Director of OSCE Academy
Bishkek, 22 September 2014 

Undertook study tour in Kazakhstan and Kirghistan
Almaty, Shymkent, Turkistan, Astana and Bishkek, 11-23 September 2014

Spoke at conference organised by the Columbian War College and the Centro Nacional de Memoria Historica on El Sector Seguridad frente a los Nuevos Desafíos del Contexto Colombiano
Bogota, 28-29 August 2014

Participated in an e-conference on
New Frontiers in Security Sector Reform : Countering Technology-Driven Threats
Centre for Security Governance, virtually, 17 July 2014

Met with Professor Jacques Lévesque de l’ Université du Québec à Montréal, doyen of Quebec’s and Canada’s experts on Russia and post-Soviet space
Montreal, 11 May 2014

Delivered the SSR component of the General/Admiral staff course at the German Armed Forces Command and Staff College at the Manfred Wörner Complex in Hamburg.
Hamburg, 17-19 February 2014

Met with Adrian Taylor of the Hamburg-based ForeSight to Strategy for Sustainability and Security IN Governance
Hamburg, 17 February 2014

Participated in an e-conference on
The Afghan Security Forces Beyond 2014:will they be ready?
Centre for Security Governance, virtually, 18 February 2014

Met with Philipp Fluri, Deputy Director of the Geneva Centre for Democratic Control of the Armed Forces in Geneva,
Geneva, 5 February 2014

Participated in inaugural e-seminar organised by Security Governance Group on Libya’s militias and the implications for SSR in the country
virtually, 6 November 2013

Visited headquarters of the Security Governance Group
Waterloo, Ontario,. 24-25 October 2013

Met with  Professor David Haglund of Queen’s Political Science Department
Kingston, 22 October 2013

Appointed Senior Fellow at Centre for Security Governance
July 2013

Co-facilitated Russian language Train-the-Trainers for civil society organisations from Moldova, Russia, Transdniester and Ukraine, sponsored by the East European Foundation – Moldova
Chisinau, 28 May -1 June 2013

Spoke at Seminar on Vertical and Horizontal Accountability in the Security Sector
RACVIAC, Rakitje, Croatia, 19-21 February 2013

Spoke at Seminar on Parliamentary Oversight of the Security Sector
RACVIAC, Rakitje, Croatia, 12-14 December 2012

Appointed Associate of Security Governance Group
November 2012

Monitored Ukrainian Parliamentary Elections for CANADEM
18 October – 1 November 2012

On Sabbatical in Latin America
Mexico, Columbia, Argentina, 30 December 2011 – 2 April 2012

Participated in Annual Meeting of the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform on Political Transitions in North Africa and beyond: what the Peacebuilding Community Can Contribute!
Geneva, 2 December 2011

On Study Tour in Korea
11-25 November 2011

Spoke at NATO Defence Policy and Strategy Symposium on The Comparative Advantages of NATO, EU, UN and OSCE in the Area of Defence Reform
Brussels, 3-4 November 2011

Participated at World Economic Forum meeting as member of Global Agenda Council on Institutional Governance Systems
Abu Dhabi, 8-12 October 2011

Facilitated DCAF-sponsored brainstorming on priorities for next phase of Swiss funding in Western Balkans
Montenegro, 18-20 October 2011

Facilitated training session for DCAF PSAP (Parliamentary Staff Advisors Programme) and spoke on Developing Professional Profiles for Parliamentary Staff Advisors and Defining Corresponding Training Needs
Geneva, 27-28 July, 2011

Facilitated session on Drafting Policy Briefs and spoke on Understanding the Arab Awakening in the Light of the Reform Experience in Kosovo and SEE/FSU, at DCAF training session for Kosovo Young Faces Network
Geneva, 11-13 July, 2011

Spoke on SSR and Intergovernmental Initiatives and Moderated session on SSR: Balancing Bilateral and Regional Programs at AFCEA Cultural and Organizational Awareness Forum on Cooperative Engagement for Partnership Capacity: Africa as a Model for Whole of Government, organised by US. Partnership for Peace Training and Education Center and US Naval Postgraduate School
Monterey, California, 13-16 June 2011

Facilitated training session for DCAF PSAP (Parliamentary Staff Advisors Programme) and spoke on Understanding the Historical Context of Regional Cooperation in the Balkans and Comparing SEE with Other Regions
Zagreb, 6-9 June 2011

Facilitated Workshop for Kosovo Young Faces Network
Pristina, 23-25 May 2011

Spoke on Prospects for Further Democratisation and Reform of the Security Sector at University Workshop
Lugansk, 19-21 May 2011

Spoke on The Latest Paradigm Shift at University Workshop
Yalta, 12-15 May 2011

Facilitated training session for Parliamentary Committee Staff Advisors
Brussels, 9-11 May 2011

Facilitated DCAF Training for Kosovar Young Faces Network
Pristina, 23-25 February 2011

On Study Tour in Indochina
Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, 28 December 2010 – 22 January 2011