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Career Highlights                      

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Professional Background

expertise: development & security practitioner with over thirty years` experience as a policy adviser, facilitator, teacher, trainer, researcher, editor & writer

thematic scope: programming for sustainable development, project management, teaching & training, security governance, democratisation, parliamentary empowerment, election-monitoring, refugee resettlement & scenario-planning,

partners and clients: governmental & intergovernmental bodies, parliaments & civil society organisations, as well as members of security forces, including the military & the police

languages: native English; fluent Russian, also operational  in Dutch, French, German & Spanish

last post: Senior Fellow at DCAF for Security Sector Reform (SSR), (2003-11) & Senior Adviser at ISSAT, a DCAF division dealing with fragile and  post-conflict states  (2008-10)

currently: Montreal-based consultant; Senior Advisor, Security Governance Group; Senior Fellow, Centre for Security Governance

Career Highlights

highlights of work in the area of development

  • supported development activities in fragile states in post-communist-Europe, Asia, Africa & the Americas

  • developed norms on appropriate roles of security sector and development actors

  • assisted major donors – EU, UN, etc – in their efforts to recalibrate their approaches to development

highlights of work as teacher/trainer

  • lectured on European & global affairs at four universities in North America (1995-2002)

  • directed security course for Swiss diplomats at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (1996-2003)

  • as DCAF Senior Fellow, designed over 100 training programmes in the areas of security and governance

  • developed co-learning, a pedagogical approach for training practitioners

highlights of policy advisory activity:

  • was Assistant to the Secretary General of the NATO Parliament (1978-84)

  • advised three NATO Secretaries General on Soviet, Western & Mediterranean affairs (1984-94)

  • was head of the first NATO Policy Planning Unit, set up in 1991 to support the Secretary General

  • post-NATO, have conducted advisory activities in some forty post-conflict & transitioning states


Current Objectives

  • work as a consultant in projects enhancing  the accountability of  public & private sector actors

  • develop young professionals’ capacity to support decision-makers

  • contribute to efforts to retool democracy for more effective governance in the 21stcentury

The Way I See it
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