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Recent  Programmes with DCAF

Facilitator in Parliamentary Staff Advisers Progreamme (PSAP) 2007-2011, programme designed to build professional capacity of parliamentary staffers working in the areas of defence, security and intelligence in Southeast Europe countries and to foster regional confidence*

Facilitator in Kosovo Young Faces Network, Pristina-Geneva, 2011-, programme designed to build professional capacity of young Kosovar professionals and to prepare a future generation of national leaders*

Facilitator in Civil Society Organisation Mapping, Western Balkans-Geneva, 2009- 2010, programme designed to develop a methodology for measuring and comparing national security sector performance in the Western Balkans*

Facilitator in programme for Moldovan Defence and Security Committee, Chisinau-Geneva, 2009-2010, programme designed to build committee’s capacity and transform its working methods and manner of interaction with the Moldovan public*

*for more information go to the DCAF website;


Previous Programmes

Facilitator in Young Faces Network for Western Balkans, Western Balkans-Geneva, programme designed to build the capacity of young leaders from the region and to foster regional confidence, 2005-2010

Facilitator in programme to familiarise practitioners with OECD DAC Handbook on SSR, République Centrafricaine, Guinea-Bissau, Bolivia, 2008-2009

Director, Campus Lecture Series, Canada-wide programme run by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) for the Canadian Department of National Defence designed to build dialogue between Canadian students and the military, and foster mutual awareness, 2000-2002

Director of Canada-Russia Consortium for Economic Policy and Research Advice (CEPRA), Canada-and Russia-wide programme run by AUCC on behalf of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) designed to improve poltical, economic and fiscal relations between Moscow and the regions, 1999-2002

Director of European Commission programme run by the European Centre for  International Security on the Future of the Former Soviet Republics, designed to support retraining of social scientists and the creation of new links among them across borders, Brussels/Starnberg- former Soviet Union, 1994-95

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