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Developing a Security Strategy


Advised parliamentarians and civil society representatives on best practices for drafting a national security strategy and how such an exercise can be used to forge a national consensus on security (2006)



Advised, as part of an OECD-DAC mission, representatives of government, the security forces and civil society on how to use a national development plan as a platform for devising a strategy for security sector transformation (2008)


CAR : République centrafricaine

Advised the government committee preparing the national conference on SSR on the design of the conference and follow-up activities aiming to build a national capacity for implementing a reform programme (2008)


Guinea Bissau

Advised the government SSR Steering Committee, SSR Technical Committee and civil society representatives on designing an action plan for SSR (2008)



Advisory role in consultations on developing/updating a Strategic Concept  for the Alliance (1991 and 2009)


Partnership for Peace Programme for Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia (2008-2011)

Advised national security policy elites on how a national security policy can help enhance cooperation among security sector



Southeastern Europe

Advised civil society representatives on developing a regional security strategy (2007-2009)

Advised parliamentary staffers on developing a regional security strategy (2008-2011)



Advised members of the Swiss security policy elite on possible options for rethinking Switzerland’s security role after the end of the Cold War (1993)



Advised members of the UNDPKO SSR Unit on developing a UN capacity for training local elites in post-conflict settings on how to draft a national security strategy (2009)

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