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Empowering Parliaments and Monitoring Elections


Advised parliamentarians and civil society representatives on best practices for drafting a national security strategy and how such an exercise can be used to forge a national consensus on security (2006)


Azerbaijan/NATO Parliamentary Assembly

Advised at a NATO Parliamentary Rose-Roth Seminar in Baku members of the country’s national security elite on how to optimise national participation in NATO partnership programmes (2006)



Advised members of the European Parliament Security and Defence Committee on the importance of future EU members having an accountable and effective security sector (2009)



Advised parliamentarians on their roles and responsibilities in building a culture of democratic security sector governance and oversight (2010)



Advised parliamentarians in the security and defence committee on transforming their role in SSG (2009)

Advised parliamentarians on their roles and responsibilities in overseeing the security sector (2006)



Advised, on behalf of the OSCE, parliamentarians, on their country’s obligations as an OSCE member state under the OSCE Code of Conduct on Politico-Military Relations, and the implications for SSG (2007)



Advised government and civil society representatives and parliamentarians on the possible evolution of their region and the implications for cross-border cooperation (1995)



Acted as OSCE election monitor in Yekateringrad  parliamentary elections (1995)



Advised parliamentarians on ways of transforming their role in SSG, the parliamentary committee structure for security and defence matters, and the committee’s rules of procedure (2010)

Advised parliamentarians on how to use the drafting of a national security strategy to forge a national consensus on security (2008)



Advised parliamentarians on the need for an Ombudsperson institution and best practices to be considered in its establishment (2006)

Acted as election monitor in parliamentary elections in Mykolaev on behalf of CANADEM (2012)

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