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Advised, as part of an OECD-DAC mission, representatives of government, the security forces and civil society on how to use a national development plan as a platform for devising a strategy for security sector transformation (2008)


Advised representatives from across government on how to foster a culture favouring coherent policy formulation and implementation across the Canadian security sector in deployments abroad (2008- 2009)

Advised as part of an OECD DAC programme of consultations on security sector reform Canadian governmental and non-governmental actors on how to use and implement the OECD Handbook on SSR

Advised the Canadian armed forces on possible future roles for the Canadian military (1998)

Advised the Canadian Department of Defence on possible futures of the Russian Federation (1997)


Advised an American audience of military, businesspersons and government on how to implement SSR in Africa (2011)

Advised members of the UNDPKO SSR Unit on developing a UN capacity for training local elites in post-conflict settings on how to draft a national security strategy at UN Headquarters in New York (2009)

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