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Unpublished Material

The Case for Giving NATO an American Secretary General Revisited

Follow-up to 1995 op.ed. piece in IHT, written circa 2010


Security Sector Training and Education for the Second Reform Decade

Paper written in 2004


Governance and Security Sector Reform in the Second Reform Decade

Speaking notes for Intervention at the panel on Governance, Conference of the Canadian Forum for Southeastern Europe, Ottawa, 24 January 2003

Les déficits démocratiques, l’Amérique du Nord, et la sécurité

Une version précédente de cet article est parue en 2000 dans le premier numéro de Connections, la publication électronique du Consortium du Partenariat pour la Paix,

Russia and Canada: a geopolitical juxtaposition and audit

Paper delivered at conference of Institute for Canadian Studies, Moscow 2000


Canada in the Context of the Changing State

Presentation at annual meeting of the Atlantic Provinces’ Political Science Association, University of PEI, Charlottetown, September 1998.


European Security at the Turn of the Millennium: hopes, faultlines, alternative futures

Introductory lecture in the international security program for European diplomats and military attachés, Geneva Centre for Security Studies, January 1998, available at


A Geostrategic Snapshot of the World From the Perspective of Winter 1997

Prepared for Swiss Foreign Ministry Course for Junior Diplomats, Geneva Centre for Security Studies, 6 January 1997


The Future of Democracy; the Democracy of the Future

A think-piece written circa 1994


Between Neutrality and Normalcy? The Security Status of the Baltic States in a Period of Historic Transition

Brussels, November 1994

A Geo-Strategic Snapshot from the Perspective of Spring 1994

Introductory Address to JOSIM IX (crisis management workshop with representatives of security community of Russia, US, EU and Visegrad countries), organised by the European Centre for International Security), April 1994, Starnberg.


Anatomy of a Crisis in Crisis Management

Paper based on talk on Yugoslav crisis given to faction of European Parliament, circa 1993


The USSR and the Kurds: A case study of Soviet Foreign Policy

Thesis submitted to the Graduate Faculty in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts. Norman, Oklahoma. 1980. Chapter I: Introduction, Chapter VIII: World Revolution and Peaceful Co-existence: the two-level policy, Chapter IX: The Main Lines and Turning Points of Soviet Foreign Policy

The Way I See it
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